1. "I’ll walk through the fire with my head lifted high and my spirit revived in Your story…" #risingupfromtheashes #gloriousruins

  2. Give it a try. #rp

  3. Yes!! #rp

  4. Reminded by brilliant sis in the struggle @tishcook that we should always be creating. Esp. as we were created in the very image of the Creator. #creatorsgoncreate

  5. There are days I can’t believe that she’s already 10. Then there are days like today when I’m like she’s ONLY 10?? #stylefordays #totallystealingthislook #womanchild

  7. I’m keeping my hands up. So it’s 2013. I’m Daniel Fast-ing it. First week, my contract at work is not extended. My boss doesn’t bother to tell me that in about 2 weeks time, I won’t be working for her anymore. I get reamed and written up just to add insult to injury. Other than feeling a bit tender. I’m okay. On New Year’s Even, I already had another job. I’ve got amazing women in my life praying for me and encouraging me. I’m keeping my hands up and don’t wait for my head to hang. Challenging for sure, but I’m not out. He is FOR. ME.

  8. This is me. Cut with Grace. and #goingforth. Declare it in this place

  9. A few hours in the sun = brown babies. (Taken with Instagram)

  10. Best thing about this lovely @anthropologiecom dress is that it was on sale!! #bargainshopper (Taken with Instagram at Hidden Hills)